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Protein Sources for Optimum Weight Loss & Endurance – Beef, Chicken, Fish and the Vegetarian

In previous articles we have taken a look at how important protein as it relates to health and ultimately performance. In this article we will continue to outline and discuss the various protein sources as outlined by well known nutritionalists Dr’s Maffetone & Michael Colgan. By choosing a variety of protein sources from the healthiest possible: […]

Eat For Speedy Recovery

The body provides you many indicators that it is fatigued and susceptible to illness: elevated heart rate, high body temperature, suppressed appetite, declines in work or athletic performance, poor sleeping patterns and more. Although these indicators may seem obvious as you read them, most individuals will not acknowledge that if the body doesn’t get the […]

10 Shopping Rules For Optimum Health & Performance

Yes, believe it or not, there are some “rules” to follow EVERY time you go shopping, these will keep you from purchasing items that will keep you from making wise food choices and ultimately undermining you’re eating & drinking habits. Keep in mind that you eat for only one purpose: to fuel your life in […]

Two-Week Food Challenge – Part 2

Whether you completed the challenge to drop some body fat or to improve your strength to weight ratios as an athlete, congratulations on finishing your 14-day food challenge! As you can see (and feel), the influence of food on your body is absolutely incredible. The key to eliminating negative symptoms in the future is being […]

A Balanced Athlete is a Stronger Athlete

When it comes to creating a more complete athlete, the foundation needs to stem from balance. The concept of core body strength and functional integration is recently discussed in every form of media and across all spectrums of athletics. However, what is not addressed in these discussions is how an athlete’s lack of symmetry in […]